I Needed to Change My Thinking and Slow Down

Even though there’s a popular chiropractor in Sacramento that I hear about from time to time, I had never called or made an appointment before. I guess just hadn’t thought about it. Usually, when I have back troubles, they hit me for a few days and then the pain finally subsides. I typically won’t have trouble again for another 6 or 12 months. But then I noticed that the issues were happening more frequently and the duration was much longer. It was cutting into work time and my free time. I really dislike being stuck flat on my back for days with no ability to go have fun or take care of my home or children properly.

Everyone goes through different sicknesses and pains in life. That is a given, and I expect that to happen to me as well. But I’m young, and there is no reason that I should be feeling bad so often. It is true that I don’t work out long hours or eat the most healthy food like some people my age, but still, I shouldn’t have back pain with such frequency. I am also someone who doesn’t appreciate that pain or sickness signals the need to slow down. I don’t have time to slow down, or at least, that’s the way I view it. I wondered if a chiropractor would tell me differently.

My appointment went really well. He told me exactly what I had been wondering about when it comes to needing to slow down. I explained to him that, with three children, a husband a full time job, I am busy all day every day. He said that he appreciated that, but that I need to think about the fact that I would be in pain more often if I kept going the way I was going without taking the time to treat myself better. He’s helped me with tips on exactly how to do that.

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