Listen to the Good Doctor

I remember watching Dr Oz on Oprah when she had her long running TV show. Every time he went on it seemed like I had to stop what I was doing to watch and listen to what he had to say. Then, he came out with his own show and it is recorded every day while I am at work. He is a genius and I love to hear what he has to say about certain things. Last week garcinia cambogia on dr oz made me think that there were lots of things that I could do to lose weight. It is really nice to see that a person who everyone thinks so highly about is not afraid to say that there are certain things that he believes will work. I want to be able to go to one of his tapings so I could listen to all of the things that he really wants to talk about.

When you watch him on the TV at home, it seems like he has a lot to say and it can almost be very overwhelming to absorb everything that he is saying. While I agree that he is one of the best things to happen to TV, I also agree that not every single person could take everything he says and apply it to their lives. I wanted to tell my friends that they have to make sure that they are careful of what they put in their bodies because it is not going to always go with what is important for them. I knew that it was going to be very important for me to tell my daughter that some of the weight loss ideas that he had were not good for her as she was so young so we would have to talk about it.

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