Some Dentists Are Just Great

Goose Creek SC, 29445One of the dentist in goose creek sc is the best I have ever gone to. Unfortunately I went there a long time ago and do not remember the dentists name or if he even still works there. Alls I know is that I am on a quest to find out where I have been and what doctors I have seen. I think that my medical records should show who did the operation on me. You see when I was in my twentys I had a few teeth removed because they were bothering me. They are called wisdom teeth and are usually taken out at a much earlier age. I know that I have been lucky and that they did not start bothering me until my late twenties. I hear that the later you have them taken out, the more that they hurt. So I was a bit scared going in, but this doctor reassured me that everything was going to be ok and he put me out.

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